Donor Identification and Referral


Any successful deceased donation programme has a fundamental reliance on the identification and referral of all potential donors. It is perhaps less obvious that donation also benefits from referrals of potential donors being made as early as practicable and responded to as efficiently as possible. This is because the benefits of timely referral of potential donors are largely to be realised through earlier involvement of the SN-OD team, and include:

  • access to expert clinical advice, for example on the neurological determination of death (brain-stem death testing).
  • prompt application of the donor care bundle to support the physiological optimisation of potential DBD donors.
  • identification and resolution of potential Coronial/Procurator Fiscal issues.
  • more rapid assessment of marginal donors, particularly DCD donors.
  • early tissue typing and virology screening (a source of considerable delay, particularly to cardiothoracic organ retrieval).
  • involvement of SN-OD team in the planning and conduct of the approach for consent/authorisation.

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