Procedural Documents

These procedural documents are a subset of documents used by Specialist Nurses - Organ Donation (SNODs) to support their practice within organ donation. The procedural documents are used in conjunction with policies to deliver a service according to agreed best practice. These procedures are regularly reviewed and revised in accordance with practice improvement and development.

Referral and screening

DCD Kidney Donor Screening – (where SNOD requires clinical advice from screening centres) - SOP4600
Receipt of Referral from Critical Care Area - SOP3781
Neonatal and Infant Donation Process - SOP5058


Consent/Authorisation for Organ and/or Tissue Donation - POL164
Approaching relatives regarding Organ and Tissue Donation - MPD901
Consent/Conversation for Organ and/or Tissue Donation - MPD902
Management of the Deceased Donor Family Donation Conversation (Scotland) - MPD598


Donor Characterisation - POL162
Diagnostics – Infections - MPD872
Patient Assessment (Family Conversation) - MPD875
Physical Assessment - MPD873
Pregnancy In Donation - MPD891
Diagnostics - Blood Tests - SOP3630
Diagnostics – Imaging - SOP3631
General Practitioner Assessment - SOP3632
Blood Tests for Organ Donation - INF830
Exemplar of Information to Request when an ECHO is being performed - INF934
Rationale Document for Patient Assessment Form (PA1) - INF947/3

Coroner/ Procurator Fiscal

Obtaining Coroner/Procurator Fiscal Decision - MPD865

Family Care

Family Care - MPD845
Information for Families that wish to write to Transplant Recipients - INF995


Management of Microbiological blood results in deceased organ/tissue donors - POL180
Management of Microbiological results received post organ and/or tissue donation - SOP3579
Receipt and Management of Microbiological Blood Results at the Time of Donation - SOP4618
Organ Donor Screening - Significance of the confirmed positive results - INF1131
Communicating with families about confirmed Hepatitis B total core antibody blood results - INF1171
Communicating with families about confirmed Hepatitis C antibody blood results - INF1205
Statutory Notifiable Diseases England and Wales - INF958
Statutory Notifiable Diseases Northern Ireland - INF961
Statutory Notifiable Diseases Scotland - INF960
Microbiological Screening Table - INF1130

Managing Additional Findings

Findings Requiring Additional Action - MPD881
Findings Requiring Additional Action (Communication with Families) - MPD882
Patient Information to be Communicated to Recipient Centre Points of Contact - MPD867
Flowchart for Findings Requiring Additional Action (During Organ Retrieval Process) - INF955
Flowchart for Findings Requiring Additional Action (Post Consent/Pre Organ Retrieval) - INF956
Flowchart for Findings Requiring Additional Action (Post Donation) - INF957

Medical Record Entry

Medical Records Entries for Proceeding and Non Proceeding Organ and/or Tissue Donation - MPD910
Specialist Nurse – Organ Donation (SN-OD) Family Decline - Patient’s Medical Record Entry - INF966
Specialist Nurse - Organ Donation (SN-OD) Non Proceeding Medical Record Entry - INF964
Specialist Nurse – Organ Donation (SN-OD) Patient Medical Record Entry Proceeding DBD/DCD/Tissue Donor - INF963

Theatre/Organising Retrieval

Collection, Labelling and Transport (Organs and Samples) - MPD886
In-Theatre Support - MPD885
Organising Solid Organ Retrieval - MPD884
Organ Retrieval: Pre-Theatre DCD -MPD880


Abdominal Perfusion - MPD889

Electronic Offering System

Manual Organ Donation Process for a Potential Organ and/or Tissue Donor in the event of EOS/IT network unavailability - SOP3925


Governance Framework to Support Satellite Site Applications for the Quality in Organ Donation Research Project - POL245
Abbreviations - INF 1277
Voice Recording of Organ Donor Clinical Conversations - SOP3649
Handover between Specialist Nurses-Organ Donation - MPD921
Organ Donation Clinical Pathway - MPD940
Reporting an Organ Donation or Transplantation Incident to NHSBT - SOP3888
Accreditation of Laboratories under the Organ Quality and Safety Regulations - POL246

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