Governance and Quality

Governance in the Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate (ODT) is managed by the ODT Clinical Audit, Risk and Effectiveness Group (CARE). This group is chaired by the ODT Associate Medical Director and meets every two months. Membership includes senior operational managers, nursing representation, quality, scientists and the representation from the Human Tissue Authority, the regulator responsible for this sector.
The ODT CARE Group is under pinned by a number of sub-groups, whose Chair is responsible for managing the investigation of reported incidents. Each incident is assigned by the incident type to the relevant sub group.

We aim to complete and close investigations within 90 days although in many cases this is not possible as full investigation is required from colleagues in other organisations. All incidents are reported to the ODT CARE Group which meets every two months. The sub groups (Donation, Retrieval, Transplantation and Transplantation Support Services) meet every two months and review all closed incidents. Some of these incidents may be closed pending completion of the Action Plan, as in some circumstances it may take some time to complete some actions. An incident is never completely closed until all actions have been completed. In reviewing closed incidents the sub groups agree that all necessary actions have been identified and if necessary may re-open an incident if additional actions are identified. There is also a Microbiology sub-group to provide ODT CARE with expert advice on microbiology matters.

The ODT CARE Group also monitors and provides oversight of clinical complaints and legal claims, Clinical Audit, Clinical Risk Register and reviews and, where appropriate approves, research projects that require support from NHSBT as well as clinical policies proposed by the Advisory Groups.

Within NHSBT the ODT CARE Group reports to ODT SMT and the NHSBT CARE Committee which has oversight of Governance across NHSBT. The NHSBT CARE Committee meets every two months and is chaired by the NHSBT Medical Director, this Committee is accountable to the NHSBT Governance and Audit Committee which is chaired by a NHSBT Non-Executive Director and is a sub-group of the NHSBT Board.

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