EU Organ Donation Directive. The Human Tissue Authority (the Authority) has been selected as the body that will set standards for the quality and safety of transplant organs across the UK under the EU Organ Donation Directive.

The Authority has been named as the Competent Authority for England and Wales for the EU Organ Donation Directive (EUODD) and we will take the lead on developing the first formal regulatory framework for the donation and transplant of organs and its implementation into legislation by August 2012. The Scottish Government and Northern Ireland Assembly have also asked us to be their Competent Authority for the EUODD and we have accepted these roles.

The EUODD is a European requirement that aims to bring all EU countries up to the same high quality and safety standards. With better organs available in the EU, more UK citizens may benefit from the availability of suitable organs transferred from across Europe.

Public Health Minister Anne Milton said: “I am pleased the HTA has agreed to carry out this important role. Organ transplantation in this country has an excellent safety record and can transform a patient's life. The HTA are extremely well placed to build on the successful system we have already to make sure the standards for quality and safety are upheld.”

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