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Import and export of organs to and from the UK

  • Import and export of organs from deceased donors to and from the UK can be found here, in the appendices of the Annual Activity Report*

*These tables show the number and type of transplants resulting from the import of organs into the UK and those exported from the UK, in addition to those transplanted in the UK into non-UK recipients.

When organs are donated from deceased donors and cannot be used in that country, the organs are offered for use in other countries. This is usually because there is no suitable recipient because of blood group or size.

The current EU Directive ensures that all organs that are imported into the UK are evaluated to the same high standards as in the UK.

The UK has special arrangements with the Republic of Ireland so that some patients from Ireland will come to the UK for the transplant procedure where units in the UK have particular expertise. For those with fulminant hepatic failure, the UK and Ireland will also share livers.

International sharing of organs represents a very small proportion of the UK transplant activity and is set up to ensure that all donated organs are used whenever appropriate.

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