Clinical Microbiology

Terms of Reference

Executive Summary

  1. The Clinical Microbiology Group will advise ODT on aspects of clinical microbiology that affect organ donation and transplantation.
  2. This Group will meet at least 6-monthly and report to the CARE Group of ODT.
  3. The Group will include Clinical Virologists and Microbiologists and representatives from the donation and transplant clinicians and NHSBT.
  4. Administrative support will be provided by Corporate Services ODT.

Organ donation is associated with risks which include transmission of infection. While these risks can be minimised and managed, they cannot be abolished.

The Directorate of Organ Donation and Transplantation has identified the need to seek help and advice from clinical microbiologists to ensure that the risks of transmission of infection from organ donors are managed appropriately. The increasing use of higher risk donors, the developments in diagnosing and treating infections and the global consequences of travel and changing patterns of disease have all brought new challenges to the safe management of transplantation. There is thus a need to receive up-to-date practical advice and support from microbiologists.

Aims of the Clinical Microbiology Group
  1. To develop, help implement and monitor standards for the provision of microbiological services to ODT including:
    • Advice to ODT on the most appropriate, timely and costeffective manner to diagnose relevant infections in organ donors as laid out in current good practice guidelines.
    • Provision to ODT of appropriate advice to be given when there is evidence of infection in the organ donor which could affect the organ recipient and/or the donor’s family and close contacts.
  2. To review and develop policies for better management of unsuspected infections in donors that affect donor families, contacts and partners and, where appropriate, recipients and their families, partners and contacts. Policies will be submitted to ODT for approval and, where appropriate, implementation
  3. To help ensure ODT is aware of current advice from SaBTO and other professional bodies. F: Corporate Services/Clinical Microbiology Group/ToR/Final Draft v7
  4. To provide information to ODT to help ensure donation personnel, retrieval teams, transplant units and diagnostic laboratories are aware of current advice from SaBTO and other professional bodies; to provide gap-analyses as appropriate.
  5. To enable ODT work with the appropriate bodies towards ensuring best practice in diagnosing and monitoring donor-related infections.
  6. To provide ODT with advice about developments in the diagnosis and/or management of infections which are relevant to donation and/or transplantation.
  7. To suggest audits, receive audit and advise on implementation of change.
  8. To help improve the number and quality of organs for transplantation in the UK.

Clinical virologist NHSBT (Chair)
Organ Donation Services Team Manager (Secretary)
EUODD Implementation Manager
Associate Medical Director ODT
Head of Clinical and Nursing Governance, ODT
Head of Service Delivery for Organ Donation
Head of Service Development for Organ Donation
Head of Virology National Reference Laboratory (NTMRL)
SaBTO representative
Consultant in Epidemiology and Health Protection
Representative (non-NHSBT) of Clinical Microbiology Interest Group
NHSBT Consultant in Tissue Donation
Representative from Chairs of Organ Advisory Groups
One Clinical Lead in Organ Donation
National Quality Manager, ODT
Others co-opted:
SNOD; Transplant surgeon; Stats & Clinical Audit representative


The group will meet at least twice a year.

Administrative support will be provided by Clinical and Support Services – ODT: Minute taking / Arranging meetings

NHSBT will reimburse travel costs according to the current policy.

The Group will report to the Organ Donation and Transplantation Clinical and Risk Effectiveness Group (ODTCARE).

Clinical Microbiology Group Meeting Dates
  • Tuesday 31st March 2015, Teleconference 10am - 12 noon
  • Tuesday 5th May 2015, Birmingham, New Street
  • Wednesday 8th July 2015, Birmingham, New Street
  • Wednesday 9th September 2015, Birmingham, New Street
  • Wednesday 11th November 2015, Birmingham, New Street
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