Recipient Coordination

The role of the recipient transplant coordinator is to support and guide the recipient through their transplant pathway. Transplant coordination begins when a patient is referred to a transplant centre for consideration of an organ transplant and follows the recipient though the whole process into long term post transplant follow up care. The recipient transplant coordinator may be involved in part or all of the process, this may include:

  • Discussing the referred patient at an MDT meeting
  • First telephone contact with the patient
  • Visiting the local dialysis units to deliver one to one or group sessions
  • Gathering information ready for the patients’ assessment
  • Organising the transplant assessment
  • Talking to and educating the patient and their family about transplantation
  • Collating the results from assessment investigations
  • Being a point of contact for the patient at all stages of the assessment
  • Being present at the consent consultation
  • Preparing the patient for listing
  • Listing the patient on the transplant waiting list
  • Monitoring the patient whilst listed
  • Suspending the patient from the waiting list when necessary
  • Coordinating the transplant operation
  • Post transplant education pre discharge from the hospital
  • Preparing the recipient and their family for discharge
  • Telephone advice post transplant
  • Monitoring the recipient in clinic post transplant
There are over 250 recipient transplant coordinators in the UK based at 27 transplanting centres, please click here for centre details.

Recipient coordination representation on the Solid Organ Advisory Groups

Solid organ advisory groups exist for every solid organ transplant community and consist of representation from all transplanting units, referral centres, statisticians, lead SNODs, UK recipient coordinator representatives, commissioning and specialist services i.e. histopathology and immunology. Currently the solid organ advisory groups meet twice a year and have working groups that may meet more regularly. The Solid Organ Advisory groups discuss;
  • Donation activity
  • Transplant activity
  • Waiting times
  • Equity of access
  • Selection and organ allocation
  • Transplant outcomes and research
The most recent minutes and agendas for the solid organ advisory meetings can be found at:

Two UK recipient coordinators representatives per solid organ group have been identified to attend the relevant solid organ advisory group. Their role is to act as a conduit of information from all their fellow recipient coordinators in the UK and represent them at the meeting and then feed back information that has been decided at the group that will have implications for the UK recipient coordinators. These roles have two year tenure and they are given the support of their line manager to attend these meetings. They will also work with the national lead recipient coordinator to produce national recipient coordinator competencies and guidelines.

The UK recipient coordinators representatives are detailed below.

Solid Organ Advisory Group Name Trust/Board Contact details
Liver Wendy Littlejohn King’s College, London Wendy Littlejohn
  Helen Aldersley St James, Leeds Helen Aldersley
Pancreas Christine Jansen Edinburgh Christine Jansen
  Dawn Chapman Cardiff Dawn Chapman
Kidney Richard Bowen Nottingham Richard Bowen
  Alison Glover Edinburgh Alison Glover
Cardio thoracic Jane Nuttall Wythenshawe Jane Nuttall
  Cheryl Riotto Papworth Cheryl Riotto
Small bowel Lydia Holdaway (mat leave) Churchill, Oxford Lydia Holdaway
  Carly Bainbridge King’s College, London Carly Bambridge
  Sam Duncan (covering mat leave) Addenbrookes, Cambridge Samantha Duncan

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