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Re-opening of transplant programmes

COVID-19 has led to many challenges for transplant centres across the UK, with access to operating theatres, inpatient and critical care beds, and implications for immunosuppressed transplant recipients all causes for concern. Some UK transplant units (particularly kidney-only and kidney-pancreas units) closed completely, while others significantly restricted their transplant activity. 

See the latest transplant centre closures and restrictions

Now we have entered the recovery phase of the pandemic, transplant units are beginning to re-open.

On this page you will find the most up to date NHSBT guidance documents for the re-opening of transplant programmes, along with links to other useful guidance.

NHSBT policy for re-opening of transplant programmes

Surgical prioritisation guidance

Initially, Surgical Inter-collegiate guidance on prioritisation of surgery had not included solid organ transplantation. After close collaboration with the President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) we welcomed a statement on 23rd June 2020, on behalf of all four Surgical colleges that strongly supported the recovery of solid organ transplant services (from deceased and living donors) and that these should be included as priority for Hospitals as part of their recovery programmes.

Visit the RCS website to download their statement of support and guidance regarding prioritisation of transplantation.