Re-opening of transplant programmes

COVID-19 has led to many challenges for transplant centres across the UK, with access to operating theatres, inpatient and critical care beds, and implications for immunosuppressed transplant recipients all causes for concern. Some UK transplant units (particularly kidney-only and kidney-pancreas units) closed completely, while others significantly restricted their transplant activity. 

See the latest transplant centre closures and restrictions

On this page you will find the most up to date NHSBT guidance documents for the re-opening of transplant programmes, along with links to other useful guidance.

Surgical prioritisation guidance

The Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations (FSSA) hosts and maintains the latest version of the Clinical Guide to Surgical Prioritisation During the Coronavirus Pandemic. This document covers most surgical specialties and assigns a priority level and timeframe to each surgical procedure.

In consultation with the British Transplantation Society and NHSBT Clinical Teams, the FSSA has revised its guidance in the context of transplantation. These changes are active from 16th February 2021 and will be published by the FSSA in subsequent monthly updates of their guidance from 26th February 2021. The latest version of the guidance can be accessed at the FSSA website.