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Organ specific reports

The organ specific reports communicate statistics about organ donors, organ offers and declines, transplant waiting lists, transplant activity and survival rates after transplantation to relevant healthcare professionals and public and patient groups.

The reports include national and centre specific data over a number of years and enable analysis of trends over time and highlight differences between transplant centres. There is a report per organ group thus providing more detailed information and complementing our NHSBT Organ Donation and Transplantation Annual Activity Report. A slide set of all charts in the report is available for use in presentations. All data are from the UK Transplant Registry held by NHS Blood and Transplant.

2018-2019 reports

Summary infographics

These summary infographics have been developed as a trial to supplement and communicate key findings from the latest Organ Specific Reports. 

Please complete the brief survey here to feed back any suggestions or concerns about this new way of presenting the data.

Full reports

Older Organ Specific Reports

Accessing data

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