Critical incident reporting

The following events must be reported to ODT online on our Incident Reporting page. These apply to all incidents that occur involving living donors and the recipients of living donor kidneys:

  • Early death of donor or recipient (at time of surgery or within 3/12 post surgery)
  • Failed retrieval or implantation of donated organ (e.g. due to damage or technical difficulty; donor adverse event)
  • Recipient misses out on a transplant whilst a UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme (UKLKSS) exchange is in progress (either simultaneous or non-simultaneous surgery)
  • Early transplant failure (implantation to 4/52 post-transplant)
  • Damage to donated organ
  • Non-adherence to Standard Operating Procedure for packaging and transportation of unaccompanied organs
  • Kidney failure in the donor within 3/12 of donor nephrectomy
  • Any unexpected or incidental finding that others may learn from
  • Patient who travels outside the UK to receive a (living or deceased) transplant.


Full details can be found in the Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Policy