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UK Awards for Excellence in Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation

The 2021 awards recognising excellence in organ and tissue donation and transplantation will be presented at the virtual British Transplantation Society and NHSBT Organ Donation and Transplantation joint congress on Wednesday 24th February 2021.

Nominations are open from Monday 9th November until Monday 14th December.

Nominees can be anyone working in the field of organ and tissue donation or transplantation, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity. 

Make your nomination

Olive McGowan and her team at NHS Blood and Transplant, who received the Excellence in Education award at the 2019 awards
Olive McGowan and her team at NHS Blood and Transplant, who received the Excellence in Education award at the 2019 awards

Award categories

There are nine categories:

  • Exceptional Organ Donation Services Team
  • Excellence in Organ Retrieval
  • Excellence in Transplantation
  • Excellence in Delivering Patient Care
  • Excellence in Innovation or Research
  • Excellence in Education
  • Exceptional Clinical Lead for Organ Donation
  • Exceptional Volunteer
  • Special Award for an exceptional individual during the COVID Pandemic

Judging panel

Nominations will be judged by a panel of clinicians, donor family, patient and lay representatives as follows:

  • John Forsythe: NHS Blood and Transplant Medical Director for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
  • Lisa Burnapp: British Transplantation Society Vice President
  • Stephen Webb: Intensive Care Society President Elect
  • Karen Piotr: Donor Family Advisory Group
  • Dela Idowu: Patient representative
  • Michelle Hemmings: Patient representative
  • Craig Jones: Lay member
  • Gurch Randhawa: Professor of Diversity in Public Health & Director, Institute for Health Research


All judging will be based on the quality and content of the nomination not the number of nominations received for an individual or team.

Make your nomination

Nominations are welcome from clinical and lay people alike and there is no restriction to members or employees of any organisation. To nominate someone, you will need to have their permission so you can provide us their contact details so we can let them know if they win or are highly commended.

You can make your nomination by completing this short survey.

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