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Child and Infant Deceased Donation

A multidisciplinary leadership course

About this course

This course aims to serve those who support and lead on developments in paediatric and infant donation practice in their locality, principally CLODs, Clinicians with an interest in deceased donation and SNODs leading on paediatric and infant donations.

The course focuses on enabling clinical teams to confidently use the National Paediatric and Neonatal Deceased Donation Strategy recommendations within their practice, through local leadership.

2019 / 2020 dates

  • Birmingham: December 5th 2019
  • Bristol: March 24th 2020

Currently only 2 dates are available, but it is the desire of the Professional Development Team to make it a sustained development thereafter.

Course objectives

  • To develop and deepen understanding of the challenges faced in supporting deceased donation in the paediatric and neonatal environments.
  • To build confidence in transforming the culture and develop local policy, and processes to manage these challenges in line with the strategy recommendations.
  • To enable delegates to confidently lead and empower individuals to support organ donation in the end of life care planning for every child, through sharing knowledge and experience.

How to apply 


To apply, or request more information:

Email us or call 0191 202 4515