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Stakeholder Group

The remit of the 2020 Stakeholder Group is to inform and initiate work on the implementation of Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020, particularly in relation to changing public attitudes and actions regarding donation. The group meets twice a year and brings together representatives of all those with a key role in implementing actions relating to changing public attitudes and behaviour within Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020. The group contributes to the work of the 2020 Oversight Group.

Faith Action Plan

Share your faith engagement successes

Following the publication of the Faith Action Plan last month, we are committed to delivering against our assigned actions and working with faith leaders to improve consent rates and increase the number of BAME patients receiving a life-saving transplant.

On of the actions set out in the Plan was for us to take a lead on sharing local examples of faith engagement with SNODs, CLODs and Committees so we can learn about each other’s initiatives with a view to possibly replicating successful projects elsewhere.

Whether you have completed a piece of faith engagement activity or have plans underway, please do let us know. This might include for example outreach events in the local community, a seminar for faith leaders or photo opportunity in a local Mosque.

Best practice examples


To share your examples please email marketing.comms@nhsbt.nhs.uk


Thank you in advance for helping us. It is hoped that this initiative will establish a platform for staff to share and consult on best examples and will help us deepen our knowledge on faith related barriers and issues on organ donation and transplantation.

In May 2013, NHSBT hosted a Faith Summit where 50 faith leaders met representatives of NHSBT to discuss how to allow everyone in the UK to support organ donation. In December 2013, Professor Gurch Randhawa published the Faith Engagement and Organ Donation Action plan. A preliminary response was made by Sally Johnson and plans are being developed to respond to these plans.

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