Research studies

A list of studies being undertaken using data provided by ODT.


Affiliation Study title Publication
Papworth Age related outcomes in heart and lung transplantation
Papworth Donor-recipient size-mismatching and survival after heart transplantation in the United Kingdom
Papworth The impact of DCD heart donation on lung and abdominal organ retrieval, utilisation and outcomes
Manchester Pre-emptive therapy for managing Cytomegalovirus following heart transplantation
Southampton University Imputation Methods with Applications to Organ Transplants
Newcastle Post transplant renal injury and long term function after adult heart and lung transplantation


Affiliation Study title Publication
Birmingham Prediction of circulatory death donor (DCD) asystole based on donor characteristics
Oxford Fatty liver index for NIHR Application, using COPE samples


Affiliation Study title Publication


Affiliation Study title Publication
Great Ormond Street Re-transplantation outcomes in adults with patient and renal allograft survival in previous paediatric patients sensitised to A2 after their first renal transplant
West London The impact of cold ischaemia time on outcomes of living donor kidney transplantation through kidney paired exchange
Oxford/ NHSBT Association between donor characteristics and allograft outcomes in kidney transplantation- A paired kidney registry analysis in DBDs and DCDs
Cardiff Machine learning helps to better predict deceased donor kidney transplant outcomes
Manchester The synergistic impact of warm and cold ischaemic time on outcomes in deceased donor kidney transplantation


Affiliation Study title Publication
Leeds Evaluation of liver splitting experience in UK and outcome of split liver transplantation
Newcastle Perioperative Donor & Recipient Risk factors that are Predictive of Subsequent Development of Biliary Complications following Liver Transplant
Kings College Long term co-morbidity profile and outcomes of obese recipients undergoing liver transplantation
Cambridge Machine Learning for calculation of Transplant Benefit


Affiliation Study title Publication
University of Bedfordshire Who's opting-in? A demographic analysis of the U.K. NHS Organ Donor Register View the article on PLOS ONE
Royal Free Transplantation outcomes in patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria


Affiliation Study title Publication


Affiliation Study title Publication
Oxford Impact of donor girth on short- and long-term graft- and patient survival in pancreas transplantation
Cambridge Renal function following pancreas after kidney transplant versus simultaneous pancreas kidney transplant
Guys Anti-coagulation in pancreas transplants
WLRTC Comparison of metabolic outcomes after pancreas transplantation between DBD and DCD grafts - The UK registry analysis.