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Renal transplant services meeting

Kidney Advisory Group review meeting for the renal transplant centres

Forthcoming meetings

Thursday 31st January 2019
Wellcome Collection, London


Papers from the Renal Transplant Services Meeting in 2018, the download link is at the bottom of the table.

Working towards a new kidney offering scheme
Outline of proposed new kidney offering scheme
New kidney offering scheme
Donation consent legislation
Latest trends in organ donation and kidney transplantation in the UK
Suspended patients
Review of discarded diseased donor kidneys in the UK
Living donation update


Papers from the Renal Transplant Services Meeting in 2017, the download link is at the bottom of the table.

Donor Characterisation
Compatible Pairs in the UKLKSS
Difficult to match kidney patients
Guys & St Thomas NHSE peer reviewee feedback
DCD kidney allocation scheme
Edinburgh peer review
Health literacy in advanced Kidney Disease
Kidney allocation talk
Living donation review
Neonatal kidney offering group
Leeds renal transplant unit experience of peer review
NHSBT tools
PITHIA trial national histopathology service for transplantation
NHS England kidney and pancreas conference peer review
Wessex kidney centre Portsmouth peer review


Papers from the Renal Transplant Services Meeting in 2016,  the download link is at the bottom of the table.

Overview of Kidney Transplant Activity
Living Donor Kidney Transplant
Living Donation Review
DCD Allocation Scheme
Can we improve deceased donor kidney utilisation
Key Performance Indicators for Deceased Donor Kidney Retrieval
Kidney Allocation Scheme Review
New Kidney Offering Scheme
Philosophy of Organ Allocation
2015 Kidney Allocation Task Force HLA Working Group
National Histopathology Service for Transplantation


Meeting agenda:

  • Allocation DCD acceptance
  • Allocation of Elderly Deceased Donor Kidney
  • DCD allocation scheme
  • Specialised Commissioning of Kidney Transplantation
  • LDKT2020 Strategy Update
  • Improving the Information Pathway
  • ATTOM Delphi
  • Explaining risk to patients


Meeting agenda:

  • Health Outcomes Following Living Donor Nephrectomy
  • Review of deceased donor activity
  • Antibody incompatible transplantation
  • Centre Variations
  • Estimating long-term survival estimates using period analysis
  • Update on the national living donor kidney sharing schemes
  • UK strategy for living donor kidney transplantation
  • The kidney fast track scheme
  • Implementing the TOTO 2020 Work Plan
  • The Structure of KAG in light of the SOAG review



Meeting agenda:

  • A formalised allocation scheme for DCD kidneys
  • Advisory Group Review
  • DCD Donor Kidney and Pancreas Allocation The Kidney Only Unit Perspective
  • EOS Mobile 140113
  • National Living Donor Kidney Sharing Schemes
  • NHSBT Clinical Trial Unit
  • ODT clinical website 230113
  • Relative chance of kidney transplant
  • SAEARs Presentation
  • SPK Transplantation from DBDs
  • Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020
  • The Kidney Fast Track Scheme
  • DCD kidney and pancreas allocation perspective from a pancreas unit