Advisory Group Chairs Committee

The Chairs of the Advisory Groups meet with the Associate Medical Director ODT, senior members of NHSBT and some external stakeholders to review the workings of all the Advisory Groups, discuss cross cutting issues, prioritise work for implementation and support for research.

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Novel technologies

NHS Blood and Transplant held a workshop, to explore what developments may arise over the coming years that had the potential to impact on the UK organ donation and transplantation rates. One of the recommendations arising from this meeting was that work should be undertaken to explore the potential of novel technologies for organ perfusion and preservation for improving the quantity and quality of organs available for transplantation.

In order to be successful, this work will need to be taken forward in collaboration with the relevant experts in commissioning, organ donation, retrieval and transplantation, as well as the four UK Health Departments, patient and donor family representatives. NHSBT has established the Novel Technologies for Organ Transplantation working party to bring these stakeholders together, to explore what the potential impact of novel technologies may be and make recommendations to NHSBT, through the Advisory Group Chairs Committee, regarding next steps.

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