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Local Organ Donation Committees

Since 2008, every acute trust or hospital board in the UK has established an Organ Donation Committee. 

The chair of a trust or health board’s Organ Donation Committee is an integral and important part of the Organ Donation Team whose principal members are the Clinical Leads for Organ Donation (CLOD) and Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation (SNODs). The Committee Chair role is a voluntary one and is undertaken by a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds. While some chairs are employed by the hospital in another capacity (for example as Chaplains or non-Executive Directors), many others are lay people drawn from the local community. Some chairs have personal experience and/or extensive knowledge of organ donation while others take on the role with little or no understanding of donation at the outset.

There is a great deal of variety in hospitals’ experience of donation. For some organisations, donation is a reasonably common occurrence whereas other hospitals may only have two or three donors each year at most. This variation means that no two Organ Donation Committees are the same and committees will tend to focus on different issues depending on their individual circumstances. 

Nevertheless, regardless of all these variable factors, there are common aspects to every Organ Donation Committee:

  • Regular (usually quarterly) meetings ensure that there is representation from all appropriate and relevant departments within the hospital at the meetings
  • Support for the CLOD(s) and SNOD(s) in their roles
  • Monitoring the Potential Donor Audit for the organisation and providing constructive challenge where the data demonstrates that the hospital is underperforming
  • Leading in the promotion of Organ Donation in the hospital and within the local community
  • Representation from the Committee Chair, CLOD and SNOD at Regional Collaborative

Further information can be found in the handbook for Organ Donation Committee Chairs.