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The Organ Donation and Transplant (ODT) Hub launched on 25 September 2017 to deliver the vision of making ODT processes simpler, safer and more supportive to its wide range of stakeholders.

The teams based in Stoke Gifford include ODT Hub Operations and ODT Hub Information Services.

ODT Hub Operations manage and coordinate all organ offering from donors. This includes donors following brain death (DBD) and lungs from donors after cardiac death (DCD).

We provide support to our specialist nurses – organ donation (SN-ODs) by taking on many administrative tasks. This allows these highly-trained professionals to spend more time doing what only they can do: managing their donors, supporting their donor families and providing leadership and guidance to colleagues at the donating hospitals.

The aim is that the ODT Hub Operations team will also undertake DCD heart offering in the future.

ODT Hub Information Services support our transplant colleagues by:

  • improving waiting list management
  • allowing direct access to waiting lists
  • making it easier and safer online to manage patients in need of an organ.

The aim during 2019 is to start to digitise many of the existing paper forms and introduce more efficient and effective processes.