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Tools and calculators in relation to organ transplantation


The UK Kidney Allocation Scheme previously prioritised patients and allocated kidneys whilst considering a number of clinically relevant factors. It was extremely difficult for patients and clinicians to understand and manage expectations concerning waiting times to deceased donor kidney transplantation.

On average, adult patients can expect to wait approximately three to four years for a deceased donor kidney transplant and paediatric patients approximately one year, but there is considerable variation according to patient characteristics. R-CoT is computer software that is able to provide more meaningful waiting time information tailored to an individual patient's circumstance. It is based on a rigorous analysis of factors influencing waiting time to kidney transplant.





Calculated Reaction Frequency tool (XLSB)

These calculators are not compatible with iPads and tablets

Living Donor Kidney

The Incompatible Pairs tool provides information on the chance of transplant through the National Living Donor Kidney Sharing Schemes.

Visit the Living Donation section for the Incompatible Pairs Tool


UK End-stage Liver Disease (UKELD)

This calculator is not compatible with iPads and tablets


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