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South Wales Organ Donation Services Team

The South Wales region is made up of 5 Local Healthboards and 1 Trust in England (Hereford) In this region there are 17 Intensive Care Units, of the 17 there are 2 Cardiac Critical Care Units, 1 Paediatric Critical Care and 1 Burns and Plastics Critical Care. There are 13 Emergency Departments in total.

Who’s who

Regional Clinical Lead - Dr Katja Empson

Regional Manager - Phil Walton

Team Managers - Sarah Beale and Bethan Moss 

Specialist Nurses - 12 in total

Practice Development Specialist - Angharad Griffiths

Office Managers - Lynne Woolcocks and Janet Woodley

Contact Number - 0300 1231206

Organ Donor Referral Line - 03000 20 30 40



The reports below provide a summary of data relating to potential and actual organ donors as recorded by NHS Blood and Transplant via the Potential Donor Audit (PDA), the accompanying Referral Record and the UK Transplant Registry.

The reports cover the time period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. 

Executive Summaries for each Trust/Health Board:

Archived reports

As part of the PDA, patients aged over 80 years of age and those who did not die on a critical care unit or an emergency department are not audited nationally and are therefore excluded from the majority of this report. In addition, some information from this time period may be outstanding due to late reporting and difficulties obtaining patient notes. Donations not captured by the PDA will still be included in the data supplied from the accompanying Referral Record or from the UK Transplant Registry, as appropriate.

Some percentages in these reports were calculated using small numbers and should therefore be interpreted with caution.

The table containing Gold/Silver/Bronze/Amber/Red shading provides a comparison with UK targets. The targets specific to each of the nine key metrics are displayed on and above the funnel plots throughout Section 3 of the South Wales team detail full report. Definitions and data, table and figure descriptions can also be found in the detailed full report.

Please refer to the contact details above if you have any queries or requests for further information.